We are a couple who shares a passion for everything psychology. The idea of this website came about after watching a video made by the YouTube group School Of Life on the “Crisis of meaning”. We thought, while it’s amazing to identify Four purpose to life, it’s not as easy to identify which purpose we fit into. We wanted to help all the lost souls out there figure out their place in life. So, we came up with a list of questions we thought are relevant and could determine a purpose type. In the future we hope to device more “Life” tests and be a mind Hub that attracts those of you who have doubts and uncertainties. Our aim is to help you find yourself and be the best you can be. Are you ready to discover yourself?

We know what it’s like to feel like something is missing in your life. For some reason, you are discontent despite having your everyday necessities met. If you feel like wanting to vent all your doubts away, we are happy to listen. Send a massage to either one of us and we will free some time to listen to you. We call this initiative “From one lost soul to another”!    


I'm a mind master who wants to understand the depth of people.


I'm a resource master who wants to make things easy to acquire.

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