Evolution master

Evolution Masters are humanity’s origins and pro-creators. They understand our existence in its primitive and naturalistic manner – to continue the species and pass on the genes. When everything perishes with time -Civilizations, memories, buildings, inventions and our bodies- the only thing that remains is our genes. It is as if life’s ultimate goal is genetic survival. It might sound small and insignificant, or even normal. In fact, some might find it repetitive and monotonous. But, if we take a look at the big picture, Evolution Masters contribute to the overall existence of us all. Without them, we would go extent; for they pass on traits that helps us adapt to new environments. They find that leaving a legacy, a print of themselves in an offspring, a meaningful contribution to the continual immortality of our species. Evolution Masters, out of all Meaning types, are the most responsible when it comes to the collective all. It is important for them to live in a harmonious community that values the good of all.

To raise children to be positive members in a society is the way to a meaningful life.

Reproduction alone however, is not how Evolution masters find their meaning in life. After all,they are as much an individual as a part of a whole. What makes Evolution masters artful, is not the ability to compose a piece of music, or the mastery of a trade, as they are aware of their own lack of creativity. Their art manifests itself in the form of a child, the greatest art humanity ever had the chance to witness. When they raise a child, they are the designers of a perpetual life. Any envy they might have harbored toward the instinctly talented, would disappear at the face of such creation. What they devote their life to is the mastery of parenthood. They find  fulfillment in providing love and care to their children. They are made even more important when they ensure that their child’s wellbeing and health are met. It gives them great pleasure to support their children to grow up to be confident and independent. Not only that, but to teach their children to be a positive contributing member to family and society. What gives them a sense of accomplishment is the successful creation of a tightly knit family. As such, they would do everything in their power to ensure the best standards when creating their own. In other words, they find a meaning to life in upholding their duty as a responsible citizen and a caring family member.

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