Joy master

Joy masters are humanity’s aesthetic conveyors. They are our five senses, roaming about intent on translating what they see into art, whether through films, sculpture, painting, literature and performances. What distinguishes joy masters from the rest of us, is their innate quest for creativity and originality. When this innate need is expressed, humanity’s need for pleasure, for beauty, for new discoveries, for the unknown, is quenched. In a way, they have the ability to solve any problem by activating the power of their imagination. It is no surprise then, that they find their purpose in life to be that of creating. It is fulfilling for them to know that not only people, but Cultures and societies advances and progressed because of their art. After all, what they express is not merely abstract, what they show us through their art, are statements that explain the current conditions of our realities. It is meaningful for them to meet the unknown and then make something beautiful out of it; even more so to earn their keep out of it, as it would mean it granted people the pleasure it intended to evoke.
More than all Meaning types, joy masters connection with the transcendence and divine is solid.

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