Mind Master

Mind masters are Humanity’s spirit- its tree of life. Earth wanderers in search for truth and harmony. They try to understand our existence by looking inwardly at their own mind. We, for some reason, are born with a mind that inherently grows; the more we know the more we comprehend. Mind masters accept that the purpose of life is to hone this mind, so they take it upon themselves to expand it by understanding themselves, the external world, and how they fit in it. The beauty of it, is that the mind is infinite, so there is no limit to growing and developing themselves, making it a lifelong purpose. To them, a meaningful life, is an authentic one, where knowledge of all kind is sought after.  They believe that the basic right of a human -and any organism equally- is to live, develop and carry out their task, only then harmony and inner peace would be achieved.

The exact opposite of Evolution masters, Mind masters derive no satisfaction from only fulfilling basic human needs such as procreation, food, clothes and sleep. Nor is it enough for them to form social connections with others and be accepted within a community. They are driven by an inner force that directs them to constantly grow beyond their own limitations.  Their objective thus, is self-realization and, understanding themselves to the deepest level; far beyond their comfort zone. They are the spirit that seeks to express its meaning and purpose by experiencing a connectedness with the moment, with self and nature. Mind Masters, more than any Meaning type, are idealist and perfectionists, as they have a set of unparalleled beliefs and principles they live up to. To them, a human can’t be successfully part of a collective without giving chance to the individual self to constantly grow and develop. In nature, they find calm and peace, as none of our humanly struggles are relevant. Nature allows Mind Masters to think, as it gives them the space to be alone and contemplate their own growth. They are the philosophers who find meaning in life by mastering their own emotions then translating it into ideas.  

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