Resource Master

Resource masters are humanity’s bold executives. The leaders who ensure we have the right means to live comfortably. They are determined entrepreneurs and protective sentinels whose goal is to control our environment and its available resources through their hard working labor. Their purpose in life, thus, is to find a meaningful work where they can serve others by either increasing their joy or lessening their suffering. We tend to perceive our jobs as a money making machines, rendering it meaningless, us greedy, the system unethical and deceitful. It certainly is the case for those of us who consume and not produce in return. Resource masters however, do not fall into this vacant spiral, for they see the value of their work not in the acquisition of money itself but in the process of creating it. To them, a meaningful life is found in the production of goods or services that are deemed desirable and necessary, especially if it contributed to a positive improvement in other’s lives. Whether it’s a business owner, a doctor, lawyer, a police officer, a scientist- all dedicate the course of their lives erecting an important pillar of human existence: Security.

Profit is the means by which resource masters are able to find themselves. To them, it’s an indication of success, self sufficiency and strength. It gives them the power to be confident  and independent and ultimately happy in life . It then becomes their responsibility -if not a moral duty- to do the best possible good that they can do with the money they generate. By doing so they help others succeed in creating what they truly desire. It truly is remarkable to want not only ourselves be happy and safe, but others as well.

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