4Quadrants Personality Test
1. You enjoy listening to people talk about their feelings

2. You like playing with children

3. It is important to have savings and investments

4. You feel lonely when you are not around your family

5. You allocate you allowance each month

6. You share your life experiences with youngsters

7. You create art to share with others

8. You believe in God

9. You like to organize parties

10. You are often are lost in your own head

11. Defending others is more important than being creative

12. Educating your child is more important than your work

13. You want to have your own children to pass on your knowledge

14. You find yourself observing people in the crowd

15. You feel motivated to create after visiting an art gallery

16. You feel comfortable when visiting a country

17. Learning a language is important

18. Buying gifts to a family member demonstrates how important they are in your life.

19. It is more important to keep your children balanced than being in a good relationship with your spouse

20. You are the best you can be if you have a partner in your life

21. You are vocal about controversial ideas

22. You find order by being the supreme authority

23. Financial independence is more important than work enjoyment

24. You want your work to make life easier for others

25. You want to invent a product that changes people's life

26. You enjoy helping a friend sort out an interpersonal problem

27. It is important for you to make your house colorfuly decorated

28. You feel relieved returning back to your home after a long vacation

29. You make friends whom you can be silly with

30. People regard you the same way you regard yourself

31. It is important for you to build a wide variety of network

32. You rely on nature to calm you down when you feel distressed

33. You retreat after a social gathering to collect your thoughts

34. it is important to you to know your own feelings an reasonings

35. The way you dress is a statememnt of your identity

36. Accuring money gives you the power to help others

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